How can one move ultimately towards success, believing that "As thy feet bend, so bends the path"? Is that really possible?

It is quite possible. We think we must have a plan first so we can achieve success in the future by progressing and achieving according to our plan. Now we are labouring with our minds. The mind says, "I have to achieve something. I have to think about how I can execute my plan." But God does not do that. God sees the past, present and future at a glance. When we are one with God, when — by constant aspiration — we identify ourselves with God's Consciousness, then whatever we do will be done spontaneously. Then we will not utilise the mind, but always act from our own inner consciousness, with our intuitive faculty. And when we develop that intuitive faculty, we can easily act without having a plan.

At each moment, the possibility of the total manifestation that is going to take place will materialise right in front of us. Now we think that within, let us say, ten or twenty days some possibility may materialise concerning our hopes and aspirations. But when we are one with God's Consciousness, it is more than a possibility. It is an inevitability, an immediate achievement. The vision and the fulfilment go together. In the ordinary human consciousness, the vision is one thing and the fulfilment is something else. But when we are one with God's Consciousness, the vision and the fulfilment are inseparable.