O Bujhi kanu jai

[English Translation[

Goes there my Beloved, my sweet Lord, the anklets ringing on His Feet.
I hear the music of His Flute vibrating through the horizons.
If ever my cowherd boy should cast a glance behind him, still he only goes forward.
Let my eyes follow the track my Beloved treads.
In the twilight hour of the day, with a sweet and serene smile, leading the herds of varied light, my cowherd boy goes.

[Bengali Transliteration]

O bujhi Kanu jai nupur diye pai Shuni charan dhwani dure uthichhe rani Jadi phire takai rakhal shudhu jai O bujhi Kanu jai nayan jena dhai Je pathe Kanu rai Godhuli bela sheshe madhur hasi hese Godhan niye jai

Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol.II-1, No. 3, March 27, 1974.First published by Vishma Press in 1974.

This is the 9082nd book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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