Question: Do God the Father and God the Mother manifest their Beauty in different ways?

Sri Chinmoy: God the Father and God the Mother have one heart, one soul, one physical consciousness. But the individual will see them according to his understanding or capacity. Each individual is given the opportunity to appreciate Their Beauty either together or separately. One individual will say that God the Father is more beautiful and another will say that God the Mother is more beautiful. But God the Father and God the Mother are not like human beings who have only one appearance. If the individual is totally identified with God the Father or God the Mother on the physical plane or in the earth-consciousness, then inside God the Father he is bound to see God the Mother, and inside God the Mother he is bound to see God the Father. Their Beauty cannot be separated.

Sri Chinmoy, A galaxy of beauty's stars.First published by Agni Press in 1974.

This is the 146th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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