Question: Sri Chinmoy, why is it that I feel more divinity in a flower than in a piece of wood? Isn’t divinity in everything?

Sri Chinmoy: Divinity is in everything. God is manifesting in and through me, in and through you, in and through everyone and everything. But in some things or in some individuals we see that this divinity is more fully manifested. What you call darkness has inside it infinitesimal light. Again, in this room you are seeing light, but this light can be immensely increased. There is no end to light. There is effulgent light, boundless light, infinite Light.

In the flower-consciousness God wanted to establish a certain amount of beauty. God did not feel it necessary to make this wall or a piece of wood as beautiful as a flower. But that doesn’t mean that God is unkind to the wood or to the wall. Let us say that in a play there may be a king and a slave. Also, there may be ordinary subjects. All these different roles are necessary. You can’t have a play with nothing but kings. No, you will need kings, ministers, subjects and so forth in order to have a good play.

In God’s creation, also, many different things are necessary. If God wants you to appreciate His Beauty aspect, then He will put a flower, or the stars, or a most beautiful child in front of you. If He wants you to appreciate His Power aspect, then immediately God will bring an elephant or a lion in front of you. If He wants you to appreciate His Vastness, then immediately He will bring the vast sky or sea in front of you. Again, if God wants you to appreciate His infinitesimal, tiniest part, then He will make you think of the atom. So it is up to God what aspect of His He wants you to appreciate. God has all aspects; He has all attributes. But He may decide that He wants you to appreciate one particular aspect of His more than other aspects.

Again, today God may want you to appreciate His Beauty aspect, tomorrow He may want you to appreciate His Peace aspect and the day after tomorrow He may want you to appreciate His Power aspect. Whatever aspect you are meant to appreciate, God will put that particular aspect inside your consciousness.

Sri Chinmoy, Songs of the Soul.First published by Agni Press in 1971.

This is the 9th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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