The Creator in His dreaming has created
    this immortal thing in creation,
Figuring as a common creature,
    forgetful of his Self:
A mystic reason makes Him hide
    His own form and nature,
Ever at labour in working out
    the Impossible:
To transfigure Nature, to establish the
Transcendent here on the bosom of
    material Earth,
To feed the divine sacrificial Fire
    with this human body,
With this bounded frame.

Lo, the timeless hero-worker
    with his flaming faith,
Indifferent to the rude impacts of Reality,
Dreaming the victorious Mother's
Shaping in his heart of hearts
    the golden garden of Paradise —
A faultless, sleepless, pure
Has built this life into a piece of

AFN 1. Translated from Bengali by Nolini, 19 September 1962.