February 3, 19636

Sisir sent Arati to Amrita with the book, English — How to Write It. Since Amrita was out for lunch, she left the book with Chinmoy. When Amrita returned to his desk, Chinmoy gave it to him, saying that Arati had left it.

Amrita: Have you read the book?

Chinmoy: Quite a few years ago I read it. Unfortunately, I cannot appreciate it.

The following day Amrita returned the book to Chinmoy with this remark:

"I found nothing striking in the book. Go and return it to Sisir."

Chinmoy: Did you ever care to read W. McMordie's English Idioms or A.C. Dey's Hidden Treasure?

Amrita: McMordie's English Idioms I do not remember ever reading, but Hidden Treasure I saw once in Nirod's hands. It was simply impossible for me to find the treasure, however, for it was too deeply hidden. In any case, return this book, and bring the two books you mentioned from Sisir.

Chinmoy went to Sisir.

Sisir: We do not have Hidden Treasure, but I appreciate the book. In my time, also, the book was in great demand. Suniti, please see if McMordie's English Idioms is in the Library.

Suniti looked for the book, but could not find it. On hearing that neither of the books were available at the Centre of Education, Amrita, with a broad smile, said:

"Chinmoy, I know that there are seven wonders in the world, but today I have come to learn that there are not seven, but eight!"

AFN 8. Translated from Bengali.