Question: What is the difference between a God-realised Master who doesn't want disciples but wants to stay where he is, and someone like you, who wants disciples?

Sri Chinmoy: Some people have played the game and they are tired. They have played, but now they do not want to teach the game to anybody else. Carlos says, “I have learned how to play the guitar. That is enough. I don’t want to teach anybody else. It is too difficult. I have achieved my goal. Now why should I waste my precious time? Let me now enjoy my achievement.” Learning is so difficult and teaching is also difficult. Some people say, “It took us years and years of struggle to learn this. Now again it will take years and years of struggle to teach somebody else.” So they do not want to do it. There are many people in this world who were students once upon a time and then became teachers, but there are many who have completed their studies but do not want to teach. They just go into some other line of work.

Of course, there is a difference in the spiritual life. If one does not want to teach after one has realised God, he may not teach outwardly, but his very presence on earth is a great blessing and help to others, because he offers his good will to everyone. The good will of a God-realised soul has tremendous power. Right now I am actively trying to be of service to you, to the world. But even if I had stayed in a Himalayan cave after realising God, I would have had only good will for the world. At that time, there is no evil will, no ego, no jealousy, no negative forces. But in my case, my feeling of oneness with humanity made me feel that after my own God-realisation, unless and until everybody else was realised, I would remain imperfect. I have realised God, but perfect perfection will be achieved only when everybody has realised God.

A God-realised soul is not a fool. When he discovers that he is incomplete and imperfect, naturally he will try to offer his help to others so that they will lead better lives and realise God sooner. The very fact that a spiritual Master offers good will is enough, for his good will has tremendous power. When everybody realises God, then the Yogi will be complete.