Question: Guru, how can we have a feeling of giving and not expecting in our meditation, especially when we receive a force from you?

Sri Chinmoy: During your meditation, just try to throw your inner and outer existence into my transcendental Consciousness. In the transcendental Consciousness, you do not have to think of anything. You just throw yourself into the sea. Then the sea will feed you with light, peace, bliss and power. But do not expect peace from there, or any particular divine quality. I want to give you something, but when you expect, with your expectation you are binding yourself and you are binding me.

Human expectation is very limited. Suppose you want divine peace. This is wonderful. But when you expect, immediately your mind acts. The mind creates some receptivity inside you and you feel that you have the capacity to receive what you are expecting. But first you have to know that the receptivity that you have in your mind or in the physical is very limited. If you do not expect, but only try to give, then the problem of receptivity comes to the Master. Because you are giving, the Master also wants to give. In order to give, he has to make the vessel; he not only has to make it, but he has to make it very large so that he can give the amount that he wants to give. At that time the Master is bound to give you everything in boundless measure and, at that time, he creates the receptivity in you to receive what he has to offer. So when you meditate, just throw yourself with your utmost aspiration into my Consciousness. Your utmost aspiration should be the feeling of oneness. Feel that you are entering into something which is your true self. You are not entering into a foreign element or foreign person; you are entering into your own highest.