Question: Guru, I often see Light as energy or forcefulness. Would you comment on that, please?

Sri Chinmoy: When you see Light as energy, you are absolutely correct. Light has tremendous energising power. When Light is not actively operating, it is the silent truth, the silent Brahman. But when Light operates in the form of energy, as you say, then it is the dynamic truth, the dynamic Brahman.

When you meditate, Light is operating in and through you. The Light which you get during your meditation is not only for your use but for others' use as well. When you receive Light, if you feel that you can use it at your sweet will, this is the wrong attitude. God gives us Light and He uses this Light in and through us for others. It is true that sometimes we misuse Light. We misuse Light when we want to possess the world for our own sake. But if we want to accept the world for God's sake, then we will never misuse Light. If we really want to accept the world for God's use, then at that time we don't try to possess the world. Consciously we jump into the sea of silence and activity. God gives us the opportunity or God Himself acts as the opportunity in the form of Light so that we can enter into the wide world. At that time, we do not possess anything; we just exercise our feeling of oneness.

If you want to help humanity — or rather, serve the Supreme in humanity — then from now on please try to have the feeling of oneness. Oneness will make you feel that there is only one reality and that is the soul. Only the feeling of oneness can cure the ills of humanity. Unless you have the feeling of oneness, you can never use Light properly and God can never use His Light in and through you.