Question: Oftentimes I have the feeling or sensation that I see Light, but my mind doubts it very forcefully. I was wondering if the Light I see is real or imaginary.

Sri Chinmoy: If it is real Light, if it is pure, divine Light, then rest assured that your mind cannot doubt what you are seeing. The mind does not have the capacity to doubt divine Light while you are seeing it. If you are doubting it while seeing it, that means it is not the real Light that you are seeing. The effulgence of Light is such that it will not allow any mental suspicion or doubt to enter in. You cannot doubt while seeing Light if it is absolutely the purest Light of the divine Consciousness. When the real Light, divine Light, supreme Light appears, at that time the mind is obliterated; it does not function at all. The mind cannot exist when the divine Light comes. The entire being becomes all soul, all heart, all oneness.

The mind does have the capacity to doubt divine Light afterwards. First you see the Light and at that time the mind is divine. Then, after twelve hours or even five minutes, the mind will gather strength and try to throw suspicion into your experience of Light. When your consciousness descends, when the Light goes away from your physical awareness, at that time you can doubt the Light that you saw. If right now God stands before you, you are not going to doubt Him. But the moment God disappears from your outer vision, you can doubt God.

Because of your oneness with your body, you don't doubt your eyes, you don't doubt your nose. You know that you are part and parcel of your body and that your body is part and parcel of your life; so you don't doubt. Similarly, divine Light is your real existence. How can you deny or doubt your own existence? But after the experience is over, when you do not feel the Light as your own, at that time the mind may throw suspicion and doubt into you.