Question: Can the physical consciousness lag behind, whereas the psychic consciousness is receiving higher light?

Sri Chinmoy: It has happened many, many times, thousands of times. The psychic consciousness is receiving Peace, Light and Bliss from above in abundant measure, whereas the physical consciousness is not powerful enough or large enough to hold it. So, what happens? Eventually the physical revolts and we suffer. That is why I tell the disciples, "Don't push, don't pull." Spirituality is a matter of accepting and transforming. We accept our life as it is; then we try to transform it. But we do not do it by hook or by crook. The divine means is through aspiration.

If we pull beyond our capacity, we will break. If a child wants to carry something very heavy, beyond his capacity, he will suffer. Slow and steady wins the race. Here capacity is receptivity. If we develop great receptivity, then no matter how high our spiritual height or how much we bring down from above, we will be able to assimilate it. If the container is very large, we don't have to worry. So when we aspire to climb up to the highest height, we have to aspire for expansion. Not only beginners, but also highly developed seekers have suffered from deplorable experiences. The physical revolts when it is not large enough to hold the Peace, Light and Power that the psychic brings down. So there should be a perfect harmony between the physical capacity and the heart's capacity.