Part III — Discourses

Aspiration and God's Hour

When you speak of God's Hour, you have to know that it is the divine moment when God wants you to realise Him and to manifest Him here on earth. How can you harmonise God's Hour and your own aspiration? You will do your part. That is to say, you will play your own role most soulfully. You will meditate most soulfully. Every day before your meditation, you have to aim at a particular goal, and this particular goal is the highest Height, the transcendental Height that you are trying to reach. You can call it the Golden Shore of the Beyond. When the meditation is over, still you have not reached the Highest. Your intention or your soulful will was to reach the Highest, but still you have not reached it. If you feel sorry, if you feel miserable, then I wish to say that you will never be able to reach your goal.

Feel that there is a specific hour, a golden hour, when you are meant to reach your goal. God's Hour is not at your disposal; it belongs to God. At His sweet Will He will offer it to you, but you have every right to imagine that it is here in today's meditation. When today's meditation is over and God's Hour has not struck, do not feel miserable. Tomorrow again during your meditation you have every right to hope for God's Hour.

God's Hour is like a lotus. It blossoms petal by petal. There is a lotus deep within you, but it blooms only one petal at a time. When all the petals have bloomed, then it is a fully blossomed lotus. Like that, God's Hour is in our aspiration. You cannot separate God's Hour from your own aspiration. When your aspiration reaches the Highest, the acme of Perfection, then automatically the lotus which we call God's Hour blossoms fully.

My only request to you is not to try to push or pull. God has asked you to aspire, so you aspire. Then it is up to God to give you divine victory. It is up to Him to fulfil your aspiration. Every day make your resolution: "This is what I am going to achieve." You are not trying to aggrandise or feed your ego. But you have to feel that if you can achieve your goal, if you can reach your destination, then only you will become a conscious instrument of the Supreme. Now, we are all instruments of the Supreme; all human beings are instruments of the Supreme. But most of us are unconscious instruments. We do not know that we are instruments; we think that we are the doer. But when we enter into the spiritual life, we come to feel that we are not the doer; somebody else is the doer and that somebody else is the Inner Pilot, the Supreme. Right now, just because you have your own individuality and personality, you have every right to feel that you are praying and you are meditating. Then a day will come when you will feel that it is not you who are praying and meditating; it is somebody else and that is the Supreme in you.

Everything depends on the goals you set. Today you may want God-realisation, but again tomorrow you may feel miserable, thinking that if you realise God, then you will not be able to enjoy the world. Early in the morning you may cry for Light, Peace and Bliss in infinite measure. You tell God that you can't exist without Him. But in the afternoon you may become a total stranger to your own aspiration. You may feel that if you realise God, then God will not allow you to enjoy teeming imperfections, vital life and all that. At that time, do you really want God or do you want the emotional life? Early in the morning God's Hour is fast approaching you but in the evening God's Hour becomes a far cry. The human difficulty is that in the morning you want something and in a few hours' time you want something else. So how can God's Hour call you? At every moment, aspire, aspire. In your aspiration, God's Hour is bound to strike.