Question: When Krishna and Arjuna fought in the battle of Kurukshetra, was that kind of fighting an art?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly! When Arjuna and Krishna engaged in battle against the asuric forces, the undivine forces of the Kauravas, it was an art. It was the art of justice, the art of light-manifestation on earth, the art of truth’s supremacy over falsehood. The very battle was an art, a supreme art which wanted to conquer the ignorance that was prevailing in the world at that time. To conquer ignorance, to conquer undivine forces, is a true form of art, because when you conquer ignorance, you clear the path for light, the light that needs constant expansion, constant manifestation. So what else can that battle have been but a pure form of art, the supreme art the art of realising the truth, the art of revealing the truth and the art of manifesting the truth.