Question: How does the cosmic goddess Saraswati help us in the arts?

Sri Chinmoy: Saraswati, according to our Indian philosophy, is the mother of art, the mother of music, the mother of knowledge. She plays on the vina and when she plays, she illumines the aspiring consciousness of humanity. She is the supreme artist, and when her Compassion flows in and through an individual, if that particular individual is receiving her Compassion-Light, then he becomes a supreme artist.

When I was fourteen or fifteen years old, Saraswati came to me once and played on her vina most soulfully. Then afterwards she broke her vina into pieces and gave the pieces to me. She said that she had taken all her knowledge and all her musical capacities and other capacities and thrown them into me, but only as much as I was able to receive. So of wisdom perhaps I received a little.