Question: How can we enter into the art of Immortality?

Sri Chinmoy: You can enter into the art of Immortality only through your constant aspiration. When you meditate, always you have to feel that which is infinite is immortal, and that which is finite is mortal. Anything that far surpasses and transcends your earthly vision can be the object of your meditation. If you want to meditate, meditate on something vast. Look at the sky and meditate and the vastness of the sky will enter into you. Or meditate on the vast ocean and the consciousness of the ocean will enter into you. Anything that is vast is immortal. The vast consciousness of the sky and the vast consciousness of the ocean are immortal. The finite binds, but the infinite always expands itself. The thing that binds can never be immortal, but the thing that expands and liberates is immortal. So please meditate only on things that are vast.