Question: How can I meditate on the Supreme in art?

Sri Chinmoy: Please do not separate the Supreme from art. Water and ice are inseparable; similarly, the Supreme and art are inseparable. When you meditate on art, feel that there is somebody inside the art who is the life-breath of the art. Feel that the art is the body, and that inside the body is the soul. If the soul goes away, the body is lifeless. Again, if there is a soul without a body, then there is no place for the soul to stay. It cannot stay in the street. A man without a house is homeless, and a house without a man is useless. House and man need each other to complete the game, as do body and soul. In the same way, art and the supreme Artist also go together to complete the game.

If you see art, try to see the Artist inside it. You will do this only by taking them as one. When you see art, you will feel that inside the art there is something which you need badly, and that is the Supreme. The Supreme is both art and artist, both creator and creation. When you realise this, you can easily meditate on the Supreme in art.