Question: Is there any difference between the goal of a writer or a musician or a painter?

Sri Chinmoy: They have the same goal but they take different roads. By writing an essay, one person gets tremendous joy; he feels a sense of accomplishment. Somebody else gets tremendous joy by playing a piece of music. This joy has tremendous intensity and the person’s whole body is permeated by inner joy. On the strength of that joy one walks along the road to the highest Goal. When you write a story, let us say, and you feel that you have really accomplished something, the joy that you get from your creativity is the speed with which you march or run toward your goal. And the joy that somebody else gets from playing a piece of music is the speed with which he goes to his goal. The goal is the same, but as a poet or an artist or a musician you will take a different road, depending on which plane you receive your inspiration from.