Question: Is it wrong to just appreciate artistic experience within yourself and not offer it outwardly?

Sri Chinmoy: If you have something within yourself and if you are appreciating it, then you have to know whether it is God’s Will that you offer it to others. If you feel from within that the hour has not struck for you to share your experience with others, if the Supreme within you tells you just to appreciate it yourself and keep it for yourself for the time being, that does not mean you will be acting like a miser. No! It is only that the hour has not struck for you to share it with anybody. The Supreme wants you to accumulate and amass more of this power of appreciation within yourself; He wants you to perfect it. Again, if it is God’s will that you offer it, and if you do not offer it to the right person, then you are making a mistake. You always have to know what the Will of the Supreme is. If the time has come for you to share your experience, you share it and if it is not time, then you keep it for yourself. That is the right thing.