Question: Wouldn't divine Grace at least bring the two souls in contact?

Sri Chinmoy: Divine Grace can do everything. But at the same time ignorance is also powerful. Divine Grace is omnipotent, but if one consciously likes ignorance, then the Grace does not force anyone. Smoking is very bad. Suppose someone consciously wants to smoke for a few days. He says that after such and such a date he will give up smoking. But he does not know what may happen during that period. That date may be tomorrow or it may be twenty years later. Then, during those twenty years all his divine possibilities may be lost. In India there are many people who say that spirituality is not meant for them right now. They say: "First let us enjoy the world. After we have lived a long life, then we will meditate." But long before they are ready to meditate, perhaps they will pass away. In this way ignorance captures us. Then the divine Grace just says, "All right. If he cares so much for ignorance, let him enjoy it."