Question: As a Catholic, I would like to know how you demonstrate that death is not the final end of our life?

Sri Chinmoy: You see in the resurrection of the Christ that death is not the end. In India also, many spiritual Masters have proved to their dear ones that death is not the end. They have appeared to them in a vivid subtle body. Just one example I will give you. There was a great spiritual Master in India named Sri Ramakrishna. When he left his body, his wife became a widow. In India, when the husband dies, the wife has to take off her bangles and jewels. While Sri Ramakrishna’s wife was doing that, her husband appeared before her so vividly and said to her, “What are you doing? You should not take off these bangles and jewellery. On the contrary, from now on you should wear all golden bracelets and jewellery. Now I have become immortal. Therefore, you should use something more beautiful, more meaningful and fruitful.” There are many, many instances like that, only perhaps they are not recorded.