Question: So we are more evolved than they?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, in the sense of our aspiration toward God-realisation we are more evolved. But at the same time, they are in a world of joy and exquisite delight, which we do not have. Our joy is very limited. Often what we call joy here is really only pleasure. The fact is that they are happier; but happiness is not God-realisation.

There are some cosmic gods who try, out of jealousy, to prevent human beings from going beyond their [the gods'] own achievements and attaining Self-realisation, for human beings can have full realisation, while the cosmic gods have only a limited consciousness. Most of the spiritual figures who have attained Self-realisation say that in the beginning the cosmic gods helped them in their spiritual progress. But when they tried to go beyond the limited domain of the cosmic deities, they met with vehement resistance from those very gods. But if the aspirant is very, very powerful, and if he is very, very intense, the Grace of the Supreme descends, and the aspirant is able to go beyond the minor gods. We must not give much importance to the cosmic gods, or angels, as we call them in the West. No, we have to go beyond them, beyond them. They are not human beings; their life-process is different from ours.

These gods are sometimes cursed by the aspirants and, if they are cursed, they have to take a human incarnation. There is always anger, in man as well as in the gods. When the gods get angry with an aspirant, they will curse his family. At that time, if the aspirant is really strong, he will literally refuse the curse. Then the god will have to come to the human world and will have to undergo suffering. These things really happen, even in the high worlds of the cosmic gods.