Question: Will science ever discover the soul?

Sri Chinmoy: Science will never, never discover the soul. It is not possible, because the soul comes from a region far beyond the domain of science. The soul can only be realised on the strength of one’s identification or oneness with the Absolute. This oneness refers to a plane of consciousness. But science does not deal with planes of consciousness; it deals only with the facts that it gets from the physical world. Consciousness is something which science is not approaching and cannot approach.

Science can investigate certain spiritual phenomena. Some Yogins can stop their breathing and stay buried underground for hours and days without their heart functioning. One can consciously stop one’s breathing and the functioning of the heart, but science cannot believe this. Science says, “Without the heartbeat, how can one live?”

There are many things science can discover, many marvels, but science cannot go beyond the range of the senses. Beyond the range of the senses there are planes of consciousness where one can see the soul playing, moving, dancing and doing many other things. If a spiritual man wants to, he can easily see the soul of any person. There are many things that are not visible in the outer plane and yet are absolutely real. If you have seen your soul or your psychic being, how can science deny it? We adore science because science has discovered many, many things. But we cannot deny the things that spiritual persons have discovered and have made others see.