Question: Do you think God will help the hand of those doctors who are transplanting hearts from dead people into sick people? Do you think that this will be a practice in the future?

Sri Chinmoy: I wish to say that God is helping everyone on earth. Why only through transplantation? When we are in ignorance, God is helping us; when we are in wisdom, God is helping us. When we do something wrong or we see others do wrong, you may say that God does not help at that time. But even then sometimes there is protection. We are not punished all at once.

The world is constantly evolving. The doctor is now trying to conquer death. The scientist is trying to conquer death. The spiritual aspirant is trying to conquer death. We are attacking death from every angle. When we have conquered death we will become immortal. But from the strict spiritual point of view, I wish to say that Immortality will come through aspiration and not through transplantation. When a soul takes a human body, it brings its own particular heart, its own particular mind, its own particular vital, its own particular physical. Now when you replace something, you introduce a foreign element. Anything that comes from elsewhere cannot be mine; it cannot be my own possession. But by using foreign things, scientists have discovered that they can prolong the life process for five, ten or even twenty years.

What we are doing with heart-transplants is, to some extent, unnatural. It lets us delay death, prolong life, but it will not allow us to immortalise our physical existence. For Immortality we have to have a different body, a different consciousness, a different illumination.

Medical science is trying to conquer death, but actual physical Immortality will come into existence only through aspiration and God’s conscious Will. If you feel that medical science will eventually conquer death then I must say that you are mistaken. Death will be conquered when each individual some day possesses a different consciousness, and that consciousness will come only after liberation and Self-realisation. We will have at that time a different body, a divinised body, a transformed body.

A day will come when a different order of beings will inhabit the earth. They will not have the same organs that we now have, and they will not have so many organs. They will be a completely different race. They will not be limited by the body-consciousness at all. The body will be a more subtle body, which will have no need of all the internal functions and organs that we have now. It will be a divine body — very luminous, very beautiful, very strong and powerful. The body will also be adaptable. If something is thrown at it, like an arrow, the body would have the power to repel the object without letting it come near. And if the object did come near, it would go right through the body without causing any harm. The body will have many capabilities that it does not have now.

And there will be no differentiation of the sexes, and no need for reproduction and the mating of male and female. All souls will incarnate through occult means. The actual union will take place in the psychic world, and from this psychic world the souls will take a body. These souls will not come to life through the mother’s body. And souls will be able to call other souls to incarnate when they want them. However, the hour for all this has not yet struck and it will take a long time to come.