Question: I was wondering how the souls of identical twins are related, or if they are not at all?

Sri Chinmoy: Very interesting question! There is no hard and fast rule. Generally they were not close to each other in the soul’s world. Sometimes their souls are related, but not because of some intimate connection in past incarnations. Sometimes the souls come to punish each other. In the field of manifestation, the twins have no idea that this is true; they may, in fact, become friends. But in the soul’s region, the twin souls are not at all complementary to each other. They say: “If you enter into this family, then I am also entering — and not at a different time, but at the same time. Then I will see what you can do.” I have seen this as the inner reason many times, I must say. But when the parents show infinite love and affection to the twins, and when they try to show the same amount of love to both, the souls of the twins get a kind of spontaneous wish to be loveable or to have a common cause, a common destination. But these things — the common goal, common realisation, common fulfilment — never occurred to them while they were in the soul’s region. Here I must give credit to the parents, for the parents have considerably changed their children’s natures. And the children eventually get a better life, a better understanding and a better achievement and fulfilment.