Question: Guru, is it possible to meet your twin soul later on in life? Do certain people have soul mates?

Sri Chinmoy: Soul mates and twin souls are not one. A soul mate is one with whom you have a very close soul’s affinity. You now live in Hartford, but in New York there may be someone who is your soul’s closest friend. When I concentrate on you people, I see there are quite a few who have a soul’s affinity with one another.

I see also in Puerto Rico that there are some who have this soul’s affinity with a few of you here. If you go there, you will be astonished to see what happens. Although you have never seen them before, the moment you stand in front of them you will feel that they are your very own. This is because you have been together for many, many lives. This is called soul’s affinity.

Twin souls are those that share the same type of capacities, and have the same type of experiences together. Soul mates are usually complementary to each other and share with each other a variety of experiences, although each one gains from these experiences according to the mould and pattern of the soul’s inner awareness, inner attainment of light and inner sense of manifestation on the earth-plane.