My Puerto Rico2

My geography tells me that you are the land of unmatched charm and beauty.

My history tells me that you have significantly learned the meaning of suffering.

My literature tells me that your culture is flooded with the soul’s spontaneous sincerity.

My body tells me that your body is the perfect expression of nature’s simplicity and candour. My mind tells me that your mind is looking pointedly into the golden Vision of the Future. My heart tells me that your heart is full of loving warmth and snow-white affection. Your heart’s tearing efforts to transcend the ill-fated barriers of poverty will, before long, be crowned with success.

They came. They conquered. Perhaps they helped. But they could have made better use of their paternal concern.

They have come. They are helping. Momentous is their contribution. Yet you need more of their attention, sympathy and opportunity.

Let them come and let them go, if so is the Will of God. But you try to live dauntless, deep within. You try to listen to the dictates of your inner soul.

Yours is the mounting cry. Yours is the Golden Shore. Yours is the Promised Land. May God shower His choicest Blessings upon you, my Puerto Rico!

This short talk was given to a group of young students during Sri Chinmoy's summer visit to Puerto Rico. It was held under the auspices of the Young Men's Christian Association of Santurce, Puerto Rico, on 19 July 1966. Reprinted from Aum Magazine, Series 1, Vol. II, Nos. 7 & 8, 27 Feb. - 27 Mar. 1967