Puerto Rico honours us. This is something true. But something infinitely more significant than this is that Puerto Rico gives us the opportunity to be of service to the Supreme. Puerto Rico accepts us with whatever we have. Whatever we want to offer Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico accepts gladly and soulfully.

Puerto Rico has accepted our philosophy unreservedly and wholeheartedly. All of Puerto Rico, its leaders and people, know who we are and accept us. This is very significant. Now dear ones, many of you work hard to manifest the Supreme in me, and to you I am grateful. Many others do nothing; to them I can say nothing. But if some of you who do work very hard have the idea that what the Puerto Ricans have done in the few days that I was there is inferior to what you have done here, then I wish to say you are making a mistake. It is true that in riches, in material wealth and power, Puerto Rico is not equal to America. But Puerto Rico has heart-power and in this way Puerto Rico is superior.

The House and Senate of Puerto Rico cannot be compared to that of America as a whole. America is much more powerful. It would be like comparing an ant to an elephant. But in the Eye of the Supreme, all are the same. What is important is who comes forward and offers his capacity. It is not their fault that their capacities are limited. It is God who has given them a certain amount of capacity and the capacity that they have they are more than willing to share with the aspiring community. The Puerto Ricans use their heart, a child’s heart. The heart identifies and says, “Take what I have and what I am.”

If a child gives a cent, which is all he has, then the Supreme is most pleased with him. If a child has a dollar and offers it all, then he is much better in the Supreme’s Eye than a multimillionaire who is offering only a few thousand dollars. The millionaire just tempts the world with his wealth; he does not serve the world. If a small child offers me his minute capacity, while his father merely promises, tempts and delays, then the child will be infinitely more appreciated by God than his father will be. Puerto Rico has accepted us wholeheartedly, but America has only given us an infinitesimal degree of recognition. He who comes forward and offers his capacity is supremely chosen. And this Puerto Rico has done.

On Friday evening I told them that I would leave for Puerto Rico Monday morning, so all these meetings were arranged on Saturday and Monday. The disciples got a day and a half notice, and already on Monday I was invited to be on TV and in the newspaper. In two days’ time so many meetings were arranged. If the Puerto Ricans are not ready, I do not know who is ready to receive our light.

I am giving this advice to those who are working hard for the manifestation of the Supreme. Those of you who do not work for the Supreme may have your own opinion, but it will be a real mistake for others to feel that what the Puerto Ricans achieved this time is in any way inferior to your achievements. Some of you may feel that the standard here is much higher, that Puerto Rico’s standard is low. It is true that if something is done here, then it is often heard of all over the world, but this is not important. What is important is self-dedication. Their self-dedication is not in any way inferior to yours.

Puerto Rico was the first to accept our light; the Puerto Rican Centre was the first. Here again they are first. Now it is time for the American disciples to do something significant. The disciples should work hard, very hard, and one day they will be successful. This is the year of outer success and inner progress. It has just started. Let us open up our hearts. Let us identify ourselves with the Puerto Rican achievements and accept them as our own.

24 February 1975: Connecticut Centre