Jharna-Kala: Fountain-Art

While Sri Chinmoy was in Puerto Rico this month the disciples in New York received word that he was completing another thousand paintings, bringing the total number up to seven thousand. This goal was reached on the nineteenth, in just three short days. The disciples of the San Juan Centre offered their artist-Guru a trophy seven feet high: one foot for each thousand paintings.

Less than a week later, ten thousand paintings were finished. The Artist-Supreme in our Guru had transcended himself once again, completing the last three thousand paintings in six fleeting days. In all, one hundred days had elapsed since Guru began this new form of self-offering.

Ten thousand paintings in 100 days! The WPIX T.V. news interviewer called it a “tremendous” achievement, and remarked that the paintings themselves were “fantastic!” Guru was a headliner on the ten o’clock news on Friday 28, as he absolutely deserved to be.

This coming May the Museo de Arte in Ponce, Puerto Rico will have a one-man show of Guru’s art for a month. Two branches of the Chemical Bank of New York, one of them in the famed World Trade Center, will have shows of Guru’s art in June. And in July the Ingber Gallery on Manhattan’s upper East side will have a one-man show of Guru’s art for a month.

Following are two of Guru’s more recent paintings.