My dear Guru —

The divine artist in you has once again given to the world your Vision in Art.

They are done with an extraordinary fashion — by instinct, and yet you have given only a semblance of reality to your Art, inseparable from life.

They are the essence of purest sobriety, simplicity and softness. All expressions of visionary insight and quiet poetry.

The painter and the poet in you have become One, and the Supreme offers a gentle smile to His beloved Son.

New generations will come, society will be transformed, acceptance will be on a higher level — but — your paintings will be eternally new — Beloved Guru, most gracious and fragrant flower of our hearts.

How can we begin to express the gratitude, joy and ecstasy that wells up in us when we hear of the great and joyous present-day miracle that you have manifested, with the completion of 1,000 drawings in 18 hours. (I believe even the printing presses will be bowing in awe when they hear of production like that!!)

Surely, now, the sleeping masses will be roused, and will see that you are something far above the common man. What unusual ways the Supreme has used to demonstrate this Truth — for doubting man, seeing is believing. For contemporary man, mass production is truth — so your phenomenal achievements have meaning for him. Once he has accepted that you genuinely are a power to be reckoned with, he will far more readily listen to what you have to say.

He has wanted to believe, but there have been so many false prophets (and false profits) he has become disillusioned, and has taken to many strange and dark highways and byways in an attempt to find his Truth.

I did not hear of the great celebration of the completion of 10,000 drawings till yesterday, from Mukti. We were all so sad that we were not able to send congratulations, flowers, gratitude, flowers, love, flowers, love, love, love — but our love is always with you — we know that your achievements are ladders of progression reaching into the Infinite.

Dearly, dearly beloved, we all have our fulfilment in you —

With all gratitude, joy, thanksgiving, pride and eternal love,

Your own Savitri