Consulat General de France 701 PONCE DE LEON AVE. SAN JUAN. PUERTO RICO - 00907 TEL. 722-3415

February 21, 1975

No. 140P D.2.5

Hon. Sri Chinmoy Sri Chinmoy Centre, Inc. 1361 Wilson Avenue Santurce, Puerto Rico 00907


I would like to express how I was sorry that I could not assist yesterday to your meditation that Miss Le Grand enjoyed so much. She gave me your book on U Thant who dedicated his life to the world peace. I thank you very much.

I heard that you have been many years in Pondicherry, therefore I can consider you in a way like one of my compatriots.

I hope that very soon I will have the privilege to meet you.


Paul Poli Consul General of France