Question: How can I feel peace while taking shorthand during one of your meetings?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to feel that the force that I am using in order to answer the question is also utilising you to write it down. If the light that I am bringing down from above has the capacity to answer, then it has the capacity to utilise you as an instrument also. The same light that is answering the question through me is being used in and through you to keep a record of it.

If you think that your right hand is writing, that you are using pen and paper, then you will have no peace. But if you feel that you have thrown yourself into a river, you will have peace. When a river flows toward the ocean, it murmurs and makes noise, but its movement is in the right direction so there is peace. Similarly, when you are notating, you have to take it as movement toward the goal, the source. The goal is inside, from where I am bringing the light in answering the question. If you know there is a source and you are moving toward the source, then there is always peace because you are going to your destination and not elsewhere.