Turiyananda Sangit4

Sri Chinmoy: I wish to say just a few words about “Turiyananda Sangit”. In English, the literal translation is “the pinnacle delight in music”. But the spiritual translation, the soulful translation is “the pinnacle music: the music which reaches the highest pinnacle of trance, truth, consciousness and delight.” This is the spiritual interpretation of “Turiyananda Sangit”.

Three transcendental musicians have blessed us with their music of transcendental height and delight: Mahavishnu, Shankar and Raghavan — Raghavan, Shankar and Mahavishnu. In their music my heart has felt a most perfect oneness between the purity-height of India’s heart and the divine beauty of Europe and America’s light. Their all-illumining beauty and their all-nourishing purity have become inseparably one in the music of these three transcendental musicians.

In Mahavishnu I have felt and seen the soaring bird flying toward the high, higher and highest Beyond. In Shankar I have felt and seen a diver diving into the deep, deeper and deepest Beyond. In Raghavan I have felt and seen a runner running toward the far, farther and farthest Beyond. In reaching their respective destinations they have become inseparably one and have placed themselves at the Feet of the Lord Supreme, the Inner Pilot, the Absolute Supreme. Their perfect oneness has been established for the supreme manifestation.

And to Mahalakshmi and Tanima, their divine accompanists tonight, I offer my blessingful gratitude.

AUM 1426. On Thursday, 10 April, "Turiyananda Sangit" presented Sri Chinmoy with an evening of spiritual and soul-stirring music. "Turiyananda Sangit" is the name Sri Chinmoy has given to the musicians Mahavishnu (acoustic guitar), Raghavan (Mridan-gam), Shankar (electric violin), Zakir Houssain (tabla), and Mahalakshmi (Tamboura). At the end of the concert, Sri Chinmoy gave the musicians flowers in gratitude for their musical offering and was inspired to give the following short speech.