In order to make it possible for the public to view the art works of C.K.G. (Sri Chinmoy), the _Jharna-Kala Gallery at 154 Wooster Street was opened up for the month of April. _The opening was held on 31 March, 7:00 p.m. and a number of art appreciators came to partake of this ‘visual feast’, as many called it. Some two thousand scintillating paintings were on display and while it took many visits to appreciate each painting individually, the immediate impact which the showing had as one entered into the fountain of art was both a breath-taking and a refreshing one.

The evening started with comments by the artist on his works. His words were as follows:

“My Lord Supreme, to You I offer my eternal gratitude for having painted in and through me out of Your infinite Bounty over 10,000 paintings in 100 fleeting days. My Lord Supreme, You have played the role of aspiration in and through me; now You want to play the role of inspiration in and through all of my brothers and sisters of the world. As I have placed the aspiration-tree at Your Feet, even so my sisters and brothers are going to place the inspiration-seed at Your Feet.”

/Jharna-Kala is a poetical Bengali phrase meaning Fountain-Art. It is the title of C.K.G.’s art as a whole./