A letter to the artist

In addition to the Jharna-Kala Gallery, there have been a few other exhibits of C.K.G.'s art recently. For instance, at Bonwit Teller in Eastchester, New York, many copies of C.K.G.’s paintings are on display in the windows and throughout the department store.

An admirer of Sri Chinmoy’s spiritual depths and artistic dimensions chanced to see the Bonwit Teller exhibit and being so moved by it, visited the Jharna-Kala Gallery for a second time since its opening. After this second visit, she wrote the following profound letter.

April 7. 1975

Dearest Guru,

Words are very poor instruments indeed with which to convey the feelings which overwhelmed me when I saw your paintings last week, and again today. From an artist’s viewpoint, they are incredibly exciting because of their great originality, marvellous colour, sensitive rhythm, and often humour and joy. Artists often struggle, study and work for years and fail to achieve the sparkling spontaneity and unique effects which seem to come to you with such ease. Your paintings are set down with complete assurance and conviction and convey a painter who has been painting for many, many years. It is a miracle and a mystery.

I am now the proud owner of some of your paintings and I treasure them as works of art and also as the expression of the essence of purest Spiritual Attainment. I pray that the recognition you so richly deserve should come to you soon.

I have also learned many new things about the Guru. The beautiful greeting I received from the Guru last week, and the lovely gifts I received today, are treasured experiences I shall never forget. I realise that the Guru, who is the Most Divine Being, is also the most humble one, the most thankful one, and the most loving one.

There is nowhere else that there exists such a Fountain of Love, Humility and Thankfulness as flows from the Guru’s Being. That is indeed the brightest Guiding Light on this earth today.

What a living Example to all who have eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to sense this greatest of mysteries.

You are indeed a great inspiration to me — and I am most deeply grateful.

I send my love and thankfulness to Guru.


[_Edith Montlack has herself been an artist for many years. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts of London._]