Question II: In connection with my mother-in-law's question, when you gave us the meditation for Buddy, why didn't you give us that word AUM instead of GOD?

Sri Chinmoy: The thing is… I could have given it. You know, everything has its own time. I have now told you about the significance of AUM and the other day I told you about GOD. You have to know in which word you have more faith. In one person, when he says GOD, all his love, faith and devotion come to the fore. In other persons, this may not be so. In your case, that is, in Buddy's case, I told him to repeat the name of God, for he goes to church and prays in the Christian way. So far you have been familiar with God.

Questioner: It is a term which is meaningful to us in our culture.

Sri Chinmoy: Exactly so. In your culture, it is God. In India, we repeat AUM or the name of a god or goddess, i.e. Siva, Krishna, Kali, etc. The most important thing is to know in whom or in which aspect of the Supreme we have absolute faith. When I told you and Buddy about God, I had the feeling that all your life you had been trained to pray to God. But today AUM enters into you with its significance. The time comes when you can go deeper within, and if AUM inspires you more than GOD, then, certainly one day, I shall meditate with you two. I shall see whether GOD, AUM, SUPREME, INFINITE or some other aspect of the Ultimate inspires you most. It is the inspiration that you get which is of the utmost importance.

Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol. 2, No. 3, 27 October 1966, Boro Park Printers -- Brooklyn, N. Y, 1966