Questions from children

Question: How come you can see God and I can't?1

This is such a nice question, Shannon. Now you are looking at me with your eyes open. You are looking at me and you know that my name is Chinmoy and you are able to see me. Now, (putting his hands over her eyes) I have closed your eyes. Can you see me? No, you cannot see me. When your eyes are shut you cannot see anybody in front of you or beside you. But when you keep your eyes open, you can see me, you can see your father, your friends, and everyone.

You know that you have two eyes. With these two eyes you can see me, but at the same time, if you keep them closed you cannot see me. Now you have another eye and this eye is between your eyebrows, here… right here… another eye. It is an inner eye, your third eye. In my case that eye is open. I have kept it open. So I can see God. Everything that is within others I can also see. That eye is here between my eyebrows and I can see with it. Now Shannon, in your case, just as you cannot see anything when you have closed your two eyes, so also you do not see God because your third eye is closed.

By praying to God, if you pray to God every day, you will see that all of a sudden this inner eye will open up. Get up early in the morning and open your two ordinary eyes and see your mother and father and everything that is in your room and then pray to God. One day by your prayer, you will see that your third eye has opened. You will also be able to see God. So every day, you pray to God to open up this third eye. Put your finger on this eye and pray, “Oh God, please open it.” And one day God will open it up and you will see Him just as you see me now.

  1. Shannon aged 4 years. New York City, (who was told by her father that a yogi can see God).

Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol. 2, No. 3, 27 October 1966, Boro Park Printers -- Brooklyn, N. Y, 1966