The soul

Each soul is not only an important page in the Book of Fate, but also essential to it, for without it the Book must needs be incomplete.

Each soul is a representative and a presentation of the Supreme on earth. When the representative is recognised by its owner, the presentation fulfils itself in the Supreme.

The soul comes into birth for experience. And its experience will be complete when it brings down all the perfection of the Divine into Matter.

God touches Matter. Lo, the miracle of miracles: the psychic being comes into existence. Earth-consciousness is the Mother of the child, which develops into an individuality perfected and guided by the Supreme Himself.

The psychic being stores up the quintessence of past experiences and it has very little to do with form and personality.

The Promised Land is for him who perpetually lives in the widening pastures of the soul.

Selfless emotion has an appreciable function of its own. When it knocks, the psychic being cannot help opening the door.

Whenever our soul gets the opportunity of breaking open the door of our ignorance, it speaks in silence to our wakeful mind: "Think not of today's failure, but concentrate on tomorrow's victory."

The smile of our soul is the inner strength given to our life to brave the buffets of unavoidable adversity.

The vital can sit at most at the foot of the mountain; the mind near the top of the mountain; the soul sits right on the peak.

In the relation between the human soul and the Divine soul, the former embraces, the Latter blesses.

Our sleeping mind feels God as an inexpressible sigh. Our soul feels God as an unexpressed All-Loving Smile.

Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol. 1, No. 2, 27 September 1965, Boro Park Printers -- Brooklyn, N. Y, 1965