Canada's Oneness-Heart1

On Saturday, 26 June, the runners of Canada’s Oneness-Heart completed the relay run which demonstrated their love and support for their American brothers and sisters, and their feeling of oneness with the American Bicentennial spirit. The runners arrived in New York’s Battery Park and sailed to the Statue of Liberty, completing their historic non-stop run which began on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada. At the base of the Statue of Liberty, a brief ceremony took place, with an exchange of gifts between the Canadian runners and the American Liberty-Torch runners, who were about to begin their Bicentennial run.

Dearest Canada’s Oneness-Heart, to each of the supremely chosen runners I offer my most soulful gratitude. This gratitude will be written in letters of gold on the tablets of your hearts so that it can perpetually shine inside each of you. Canada's multiplicity-body today grows into Canada’s Oneness-Heart. Today Canada’s Oneness-Heart is claimed at once by humanity’s soulful cry and divinity’s fruitful smile.

Two hundred years ago America won the race. Today Canada is celebrating America’s triumph with its own Oneness-Heart. The soul of the world offers its transcendental glory-vision to the soul of Canada. The soul of America offers its universal gratitude-reality to the soul of Canada. The Absolute Supreme offers His choicest Blessingful Pride to the soul of Canada.

History will bear witness to the supreme fact that Canada is not for Canada alone; Canada is for America as well. Nay, Canada is for the length and breadth of the entire world. Today Canada reveals to the world at large the divinely great success that America once won and the supremely good progress that the world has made. Canada’s Oneness-Heart today has extinguished the countless flames of division and has kindled one flame: the flame of union, the flame of inseparable oneness. This flame of inseparable oneness the comity of nations receives from Canada’s Oneness-Heart.

On behalf of all the Sri Chinmoy Centres, on behalf of all your spiritual brothers and sisters, on behalf of humanity, on behalf of the Absolute Supreme, I offer my realisation’s oneness-heart to the runners of Canada’s Oneness-Heart. All shall be immortalised in Canada's supreme achievement.

  1. Following is Sri Chinmoy's inspired message to the Canadian runners, delivered at Liberty Island.