Insecurity and complacency

I always say that insecurity is very bad. Why should you be insecure? Oneness is the only reality. He who has established oneness with God has no insecurity. But until that oneness is established, one has to be very careful, because complacency ends spiritual progress. Until oneness is established, one must always remember that he has come here to become God’s perfect instrument. He must feel that if he does not become a perfect instrument, he will not be able to please God in His own Way, and the fulfilment of the Master’s mission will remain a far cry. Every hour and every day he should think, “Let me become a perfect instrument.” Even if he is highly appreciated in the outer world, he should not have a complacent feeling. If he does, he will not strive to become better, and he will not make any progress.

God is transcending Himself at every moment. My part in God’s cosmic Game is to know that I need perfection and then to strive for perfection, the ultimate Perfection, which is always transcending itself. If I have inner insecurity, not in the sense of a feeling of inferiority, but in the sense that I know I have not yet reached my goal, that I am still imperfect, then that insecurity is helpful. I am imperfect and I know it, but I am in no way trying to increase other people’s insecurity. I am only aware that since I am not perfect, God has to wait for me.

If I have this kind of insecurity, then every day I will try to make progress until I become a perfect instrument. This sense of insecurity helps us, because when we feel miserable that God-realisation is a far cry for us, our next stop is to strive to make progress. Some disciples become complacent because they get outer affection from me. But perfection will remain a million miles away from them if they do not constantly increase their desire for self-perfection.