Fighting in the inner world

The other day we were watching television — Muhammad Ali fighting Young. One of the disciples asked me, “How can you watch that kind of fighting? It is so brutal!” So I told her that several weeks ago two of my disciples fought in the inner worlds, which was infinitely more brutal. She herself had fought with someone in the vital worlds a month or so before that time.

If you are fighting or boxing in the outer world, you may break your nose or your neck, and then you have to stop until you are cured. But if you are fighting in the inner world, especially in the vital world, your inner capacities can be permanently damaged or totally destroyed. You can lose all faith in your inner reality, in God and in your Guru. When faith loses to doubt, your spiritual life is ended.

When l see disciples fighting or being jealous in the outer world, sometimes I just ignore them. In comparison to what can happen in the inner world, this is nothing. I direct my attention to the inner world; my whole concern is for their inner life. Their quarrelling outer nature will be transformed in a minute when their inner life is illumined.