Inner work

Just because I am eating or talking, people think my spiritual life is forgotten. But they have to know that in the inner world I do many things at one time. When someone drives a car, he is doing all kinds of things at the same time. He looks ahead, in the rear view mirror and to the sides of the car. He uses his feet and his hands to operate the car, and at the same time he may be talking or listening to the radio. But when someone outside the car sees him, it may appear to that person that the driver is just sitting in the car. An ordinary man has enough power of concentration to do so many things at one time only in the outer plane. But a Yogi like me can do all these things on the outer plane and many other things on the inner plane simultaneously. I go very high in the inner world, while outwardly, you do not know what I am doing. This is another secret that I have to offer.