Feeding the disciples' souls

Believe it or not, every day I feed the disciples’ souls. As it is the bounden duty of the mother to feed her children every day, whether the children want to eat or not, so it is my duty to feed my divine children who are here on earth and also the disciples who have passed away. Also, I feed many who are not my disciples but who have seen who I am.

There are times when I visit you in a subtle body while you sleep. Like a nurse, I go with utmost compassion to check on the patient while he is sleeping and see if everything is all right. If she sees that the patient is all right, she quietly leaves. I go to make sure the wrong forces are not operating inside you. Many times you see me, but before you get up other forces operate and you forget that I was there. The experience of my presence can last three or four days, or not even five minutes if ignorance, like a cloud, veils the mind. These are secrets that I think will be of benefit to you in your inner life. If you are not aware of them, try to be aware.