Disciples who have left the path

Quite a few disciples have left our path, and I have asked a few to leave. I wish to say that those who have left us have gone out of one room and are staying in another room. I have two rooms belonging to me. If they were to remain in the one room, they would disturb the others who are there. So I have asked them, either inwardly or outwardly, to enter into the room of the Universal Heart. The other room is for the select few who are crying for realisation, and who are ready to give utmost importance to realisation.

Those who have the capacity to run fast, those who have some standard, those people stay together. When a family has many members, the young children get joy by mixing with other young members. The older members do not get joy from playing games with the younger ones. If the younger ones and the older ones have to stay together all the time, they will not get any satisfaction. The tiger and the goat are both animals, but how can I put the tiger and the goat together? Some animals eat grass and some eat meat. If they are put together, the one will just kill the other. Those who belong to the same category should stay together. They are called together, and their group soul is fulfilled together. If the tiger and the goat are put together, there will be immediate destruction.

Disciples who have left, or whom I have asked to leave, will not stay with the select few of Sri Chinmoy’s family, but they will stay within my Universal Heart. Is there anything apart from the Universal Heart? Nothing, so how can we say that someone has gone out of my heart? But my personal heart, which also houses Infinity and Immortality, is eager to help you. It is ready to offer realisation, perfection, satisfaction and salvation to you as soon as possible, whereas the others will have to take time. They belong to Eternity. But for you people Eternity beckons now. For you God’s Hour has struck. They will also reach the goal, but you people have learned the value of time.