New year's message for 1977

The New Year will be the year of our astounding achievements.
Our inner achievement will be peace.
Our outer achievement will be progress.
Peace is realisation-seed.
Progress is satisfaction-fruit.

Following is a brief extract from a talk given by Sri Chinmoy on the general significance of the New Year.

The year of frustration has totally ended. We have gone through unbearable frustration, but this experience must leave us. We shall not make friends with wrong forces; we shall not cherish attachment, bondage and other undivine things in the year to come. This year let us make friends with the real in us. We have gone through the life of desire and the consequences have been frustration and destruction. This year let us not repeat the same story. A new experience must dawn in us, in our devoted lives.

The old year has ended; the New Year has started. The New Year means new hope, new promise, new light, new life. Let the New Year be the year of God-Satisfaction in us. Just cast aside the old year like a nightmare. For us, only the future exists. Tomorrow has already started in us. Please, please, please, for one year let us live without fear, without doubt, without wrong forces. If we succeed for one year, then we will have the strength to continue, for once you do something, you know you can do it again.

The New Year has started. Forget about all the unhappy experiences that you have given and received. Think only of how you can give joy to others and thus make yourself happy. I will also do my best to make you happy. But in my case, my happiness entirely depends on the Supreme’s Happiness. I have to make you happy in a deeper way, according to the Will of the Supreme. The best thing is to allow me to please you in the Supreme’s own way. That is the only way I am accustomed to. And you also can try to please me in the way of the Supreme. That can be done when you follow the dictates of your soul.