I consider it a divine privilege and a supreme honour to be lovingly associated with you all, my esteemed brothers whose minds are inundated with justice-light.

Justice-light is within us and without us. It is all-where. When we are in the animal consciousness, we haughtily declare: “Might is right.” When we are in the human consciousness, we wisely declare: “Might is might. Right is right. Might is for creation. Right is for preservation.” When we are in the divine consciousness, we soulfully declare: “Right is might. Right is self-giving. Might is God-becoming.”

Justice-light embodies the Truth secretly, reveals the Truth sacredly and manifests the Truth unreservedly. Now, what is Truth? Truth is the perfection-beauty of the Universal Soul and the satisfaction-duty of the Transcendental Goal.

Justice-light has a blind and wild adversary: injustice-darkness. Injustice-darkness embodies stark ignorance, reveals frightening ignorance and manifests strangling ignorance. Now, what is ignorance? Ignorance is a love-devouring, life-devouring and light-devouring hunger.

Our education tells us that justice-light is preparatory to our moral life. Our religion tells us that justice-light is preparatory to our divine life. Our spirituality tells us that justice-light is preparatory to our perfect life. From our education-teacher we come to learn that our mind needs illumination. From our religion-teacher we come to learn that our heart needs salvation. From our spirituality-teacher we come to learn that our entire earth-existence needs perfection. Our morality awakens the divine in us. Our divine life perfects the human in us. Our perfection will satisfy us, the real in us. And the real in us is our aspiration-cry.

It is a deplorable mistake to think that law and justice are one and the same reality. Law is force. Justice is concern. Law controls us. Justice unifies us. As punishment and law are inseparable, even so justice and oneness-perfection are inseparable. Law is the sovereignty of “I”-ness. Justice is the ecstasy of oneness. Self-styled law: “I came. I saw. I conquered.” Here a world-conqueror speaks through us. God-ordained justice: “We are of the One. We are for the many.” Here a God-lover speaks through us.

Justice-light is our conscious self-recovery from ignorance-illness. Justice-light is our conscious self-discovery in our aspiration-fulness. Justice-light is our conscious life-mastery over our imperfection-nothingness.

If an individual or a nation is wanting in justice-light, then America’s bird of oneness-heart spreads out its wings to carry justice-light to the length and breadth of the entire world. The outer world may declare: “America always sings Her world-supremacy song.” But the inner world declares: “America always wants to dance her inner conviction-dance before the Comity of Nations.” Something infinitely more significant: America’s oneness-heart divinely and justifiably feels obligated to share the illumining flowers and fulfilling fruits of her inner conviction with God’s entire creation.

I like America, I love America, precisely because America’s justice-light is divinely illumining. In two memorable cases America’s justice-light has proved to be supremely fulfilling. John Adams, a true lover of his country, defended the cause of an English captain and thus became a justice-light lover. He bravely surmounted the barriers of nationalism and safely climbed up the Himalayan peak of international glory. Indeed, his achievement was America’s proud achievement. The Watergate scandal is synonymous with the world-illumining divinity, for here once again justice-light reigned supreme.

Brave America, great America, good America becomes world-adoration and God-satisfaction.

"America, America, America!
  Great you are, good you are,
  Brave you are, kind you are.
  O my America, America,
  Your Heaven-freedom
  Is earth’s aspiration-choice.
  With you, in you
  Is God-Hour’s Victory-Voice."

The following talk was delivered to a group of lawyers from the New York City area on 7 December 1976.