Question: Is surrendering to the will of other disciples a good practice for learning to surrender to God's Will?

Sri Chinmoy: If you surrender to the will of other disciples, it will be practically like a blind man leading another blind man. Only if you feel that somebody is doing or saying the right thing and you are unable to accept it because your ego is looming large, at that time it is really advisable for you to surrender your will to his will. But you have to know whether they are right or you are right. If they are right, you should surrender to their will, for God can easily speak in and through them. If you are right, not just stubborn, you should stick to your principles. If you know you are one hundred per cent right, just to make a compromise you need not surrender your will. You have to know that the Supreme is always right. If you are right, you will not be very haughty, proud or authoritative. Only stick to your right principle, and the day will dawn when they will surrender to the Supreme’s Will inside you. Otherwise, to surrender to their will just to practice surrender will be a fruitless experience.