Question: When I am working for you and assuming a position of responsibility, how can I avoid problems from myself, my own negative qualities, or from other people?

Sri Chinmoy: You are now taking care of the Blue group. Suppose you are having problems with them. You have your own problems and they have their problems. Problems are like a disease which is not incurable but is often fatal. We can only cure this disease by bringing more light. When we transform what we call “problems” today, tomorrow these things become an added help to us. It is like a hurdle to a runner. A hurdle is a problem, but once he jumps over it, it is much easier for him to reach the goal. If there is no hurdle, often we will not appreciate the goal because we will feel it is so easy to reach.

In terms of Eternity, Infinity and Immortality, God is asking us to meditate soulfully for only a few years. He is offering to give us His Eternity’s Wealth, Infinity’s Wealth, Immortality’s Wealth, and in return He is asking us to pray and meditate for a few years soulfully. His Infinity and Eternity we are buying for a few years of soulful prayer and meditation. If we do not have to pay even that much, we shall not value the return. If a rich man freely gives his boundless wealth, his son will just squander it. He will not know or feel its value.

Never be afraid of a problem. Think of it as an opportunity. If you overcome it, you will value the goal more. But at the same time, you will not welcome problems. If they present themselves before you, then accept them and illumine them, transform them or jump over them, but never try to avoid them. If the goal is just across the hurdle and you want to try going some other way, you can’t. You have to cross the hurdle. Avoidance is not the right answer, but to face each problem and then cross beyond it.