Question: Guru, can you tell us, please, how to make the vital absolutely sincere, and how to transform the mind?

Sri Chinmoy: The vital can be made sincere, especially the lower vital, only through fear. There is no other way. If you know that the lower vital is doing something wrong, immediately feel that somebody is aiming a gun at you, and you are going to die, or that a raging fire is about to burn you to ashes. If you feel that death is imminent, what will you do? You will be terribly afraid. When the vital gets fear, immediately it takes the right path. It does not do anything wrong. It tries to remain perfect if it knows that otherwise fire or a bullet will destroy you. If you maintain that consciousness of fear when the lower forces bother you, then immediately the vital becomes sincere. It does not want to do the thing that it considers so dangerous.

Now, how to transform the mind? By treating the mind like a mischievous boy who does not want to take a bath. His parents just grab him and throw him into the water. He has to be forced. You have to force the mind; you have to throw it or pull it into the heart-room, which has light. Think of the mind as a mischievous, naughty boy. Just grab it and take it into the heart-room. This is how one can transform the mind.