Question: I often see your mouth moving when I meditate with you. Sometimes it seems to be moving quickly, sometimes slowly. Are you talking to someone?

Sri Chinmoy: No, actually I am not talking. What actually happens is that tremendous light, energy, power and bliss enter into my body in infinite measure. Now, although I am one with the Supreme’s Will, the capacity of the physical is not unlimited. Our physical will is unlimited, but the physical sheath is limited. When these forces enter into me I already have them within in abundant measure, so when these divine forces come, they overflow. The Supreme brings them, out of His infinite Bounty, but that quantity is not necessary, so it overflows.

When the Supreme pours these blessings into me beyond the necessity, at that time you will notice a movement around my face, like something is dancing or bubbling. It is extra energy, light, peace and bliss. Actually I am not talking. It is just that when the cup is full to the brim, the rest is extra. The cup is receptivity. In my case receptivity is tremendous, boundless. But even then, Infinity has no end. On the physical plane Infinity cannot be absorbed. When it comes, we see around the face some constant movement. Something is dancing on the outside, because the cup is full, and more is still being poured in. So you people can freely take that extra amount.