Question: If I am in a grumpy, cross or morose mood, how can I become cheerful right away?

Sri Chinmoy: There are various ways to become cheerful, but the most effective way is to think of yourself as a four-year-old child. He is not seriously affected by anything. Think of yourself as four years old, not thirty-five. Just separate the three and the five, and you stand in between. Just move around in your heart’s garden. There you will see all divine qualities. You will see beauty, simplicity, sincerity, purity and perfection blossoming in every flower around you and inside you. If you look at them, then automatically you get the essence and substance of the flower-heart qualities.

If you can think of yourself as a three-year-old or five-year-old child, then all your frustration will go away. It will not last. A child is angry or depressed for one minute. At that age there is no serious type of anger, frustration or agitation. This we develop only when we have the mind. A four-year-old child does not have the mind. Only when we are twelve or thirteen do we start developing the undivine mind. If you can think of yourself as three years old or four years old, then you will remain in the heart, which is all oneness and forgiveness. So never think of your age as thirty-five. Either three or five or in between. Then all your problems will be solved. Sweetness, cheerfulness will be yours. Now frustration, agitation and depression have made friends with you. If you can feel that you are a child, then you will be able to live inside your heart. That is your eternal garden. If you can remain there, you will remain always cheerful.